A Review Of Tactical Police Flashlights

As much as people need flashlights on a daily basis, the police use theirs in a very demanding situation. Most of the crime occurs in the dark corners without the benefit of city and street security lights. Therefore any police officers should carry a tactical flashlight to handle these situations. A reliable light can save a police officer from being taken advantage by law breakers. For them, both pistol and hand flashlights are a must have while performing their duties. So, let’s review what police flashlights should have.

A review of a tactical police flashlights

What is a tactical police flashlight

Well, we first need to agree that police flashlights come with specific features that safeguard their safety as they perform their normal duties. Therefore, they are unique flashlights used by the police offers to enable them to carry out their duties efficiently. So, what are these features they contain others don’t have? Allow me to explain.


Drop resistance

A police officer is regularly faced with challenging situations that require them to drop their equipment as they respond to different circumstances. Therefore, the military grade flashlight contains a drop resistance body to avoid damage now and then. Apart from police people who regularly face harsh conditions that need the attention of a flashlight prefer for one with these qualities.

Light emission

A police officer will need to see as much as possible, and the more the light lumen a flashlight produces, the better. The LED bulb technology is the most preferred in the current world and mostly thy come with a wide reflector which gives a bold beam of light. The batteries are powerful and usually, have a higher voltage to produce powerful light.

Safety features

Two of the most popular safety features mounted on the police tactical flashlights is one, the toggle switch for quick on and off option. The second one is a smooth clip to hook the flashlight on the belt while not in use. As much as the police tactical flashlights are large, they are usually very light to enable swift actions and can be comfortably held in one hand.

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Example of a police flashlight

One of the most sought after police flashlight in the market today is the Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent flashlight. One of the reasons the flashlight is preferred is because of it build ergonomics and material. It has an aluminum body with a drop proof quality. The LED technology ensures that the light emitted is superior and the battery never fails in this.