All you Need Sqeez Berryade with Nic Salts!

Almost everyone that vapes today opted to vaping as a mean of quitting smoking. However, instead of adopting the 100-watt devices with 5ML tanks, most people use smaller, cheaper and discreet vaporizers such as vape pen which is not pleasant at all.

Nicotine salts vaporizers seem to offer a magic solution for the ailing vapers. Although dozens of such vaporizers are available in the market today, sqeez berryade with nic salts is an innovative brand that it fits in the perfectly in vaping world.

Sqeez Berryade with Nic Salts!

The sqeez berryade with nic salts! features a refreshing mix of berries and sweet lemonade. It comes with packed nicotine salts, which ensures that you can vape them all day without a harsh throat hit. The nic salt vape creates an entirely new experience.

What is Nic Salts?

Nicotine salt (nic salt) include an equal amount of nicotine and in a natural state as that found in a tobacco leaf. If this nicotine is added to the vape liquid, it has to be vape at very high temperatures for it to be effective. And even with very temperatures, the nicotine will not be effectively absorbed. For it to be effective, a little modification has to be made. Moreover, the freebase nicotine has very pH that increases alkalinity that results in harsher throat-hit, causing you to vape a smaller amount than you need.

Nic salt neutralizes this effect as it lowers the PH level of nicotine and reduces alkalinity resulting in a smoother vaping experience. It also makes it possible to vape effectively at a much lower temperature as in the cheap vape pens and those cigs-like with a high concentration of nicotine. Generally, mixing vape juices with nicotine salts makes the salts less potent while providing high experience and satisfaction.

nicotineBenefits of Sqeez Berryade with Nic Salts

Sqeez berryade mixed with nic salts offers a lot of advantages over the traditional e-cig. Some the most common benefits as reported by users include:

– Smoother Nicotine

experience: according to users, the vape is free from the harsh nicotine hit, which is experienced in most conventional e-liquids. The smoother feeling in sqeez berry is what brings the different.

– Satisfactory

most vapers find the taste of conventional e-liquids to be less satisfying as a punch of the natural nicotine. A number of them find it not enough to satisfy their cravings and end up going back to the using the traditional cigarettes.

– The salt does the next-to-no effect in the flavor of the freebase nicotine liquids, ensuring enjoyable vaping experience.

– Affordable

a sufficient sqeez berryade is slightly more expensive as compared to the little vape pen. So if you need an affordable, discreet vaping experience that ensures satisfaction, all you need is the sqeze berryade with Nic salt.


For vapers looking for a better vaping experience, sqeez berryade with nic salts. If you are new, you can start with a smaller device and switch to higher latter. Note that nic salt makes the e-liquid more effective that can make even a little amount of the vape very useful. So talking your usual dose with nic salt may end up being too much for you.