Choosing Franking Machine Made Easy

Some business chooses to have a franking machine to save a lot of money on postage. The franking machine can weight lightweight stuff such as letters and to medium-sized ones like a parcel, and after you’re done weighing it, you can quickly put the message inside the franking machine for a professional finishing touch. So, you might be thinking to buy a franking machine for your office, since of course, you wanted to look professional as well in your letters. But then comes the big question, how does one choose a franking machine? In this article we’re going to help you just with that so don’t worry about it.

Finding Out What You Need

Before you go out and hunt on a franking machine, you have to know what are you going to use the device for. So, sort out what your business usually do on daily to weekly and even monthly basis. By finding out whether they use letters, large letters, and parcels you can easily find out which franking machine that you need for your business,  it can help you find the best franking machine so consider checking on their site.


franking machineThe volume of letters and parcels of what your business usually do will affect on what kind of machine that you’ll get. If you’re going to post 25 items, getting a small machine might be enough. Meanwhile when you’re going to post at least 50 things, medium sized machine is the best choice. Lastly, if it’s more than 50 items you might want a high volume franking machine. Make sure you know what kind of franking machine that you want as buying too small or too big is not good.


There are many companies out there that offers you their franking machine and before you choose one you have to compare their prices. Besides comparing their prices, you have to ask whether the company have any after-care products in case the machine breaks down or needs maintenance. At the same time, you can also read testimonials and reviews on the internet.


When you buy a franking machine, you have to realize that you still need supplies like seals, stamps, ink cartridge and many more. If a company offers them as well, it’s a good bonus, or you can haggle them for a discount since you’ve bought the franking machine as well or else you’re going to go through the hassle of finding a supplier that sells the supplies for your franking machine.