Bookworms’ Must-Have Starter Kits

Before we head to the main discussion about the topic presented in the above title, it is wise to make it clear that the term bookworms and nerds are two entirely different terms with different sets of meaning. While nerds have long been associated with the people with old-fashioned clothing style and dorky glasses, the term bookworm relates to the people who devote their lives to reading. The only common thing both words have is the reading part. But still, we need to remember that not all nerds love reading.

hot cup on top of a book

While being a nerd is way out of many people’s league, being a bookworm will do you a great favor. The explanation is pretty simple. Books mean knowledge, and knowledge means prospects. It is no surprise, thus, to see those wealthy CEOs started off as book lovers. How do I become one? You might be asking that question. Besides the devotion to books, below are the must-have starter kits that you can put in your own bedroom.

Reading Applications

a girl reading on an ipad screenLet us all agree that technology has been getting in our hobbies these days, creating quite a fundamental change on the way we do it. Reading, as one of the examples, has reached the newest level with the presence of reading applications available within our fingers, offering the never-existed-before reading experience.

Instead of burying yourself in piles of books, you can have your reading materials available on the screen, and you can read them whenever and wherever you are. In the class or during the lunch break, you can always have your favorite text in your pocket. This way, reading has never been so space efficient before.


What is the point of being a bookworm if you do not possess your own book collections within your reach? A bookshelf, thus, becomes one determining kit to help you with your hobby. It does not have to be a fancy one. Instead, the do-it-yourself project seems compelling enough to do. You can make your own shelf from wooden planks or sturdy card boxes.

One more alternative is to contact the long span shelving supplier and get the metal shelving for your room. That kind of shelving is common for industrial use, but, with the right modification, you can have your massive bookshelf with a relatively low price to house your book collections. The thing to remember is that you need to make sure that you do have the required space in the room.